Sunday, November 02, 2008

If McCain doesn't win it's because of those irrational Jewish voters

The pandering continues and right-winger David Horowitz is cheering the McCain campaign's pandering to the Jewish vote and encouraging McCain to keep banging away at those scare tactics likening Obama to Hitler, Pol Pot and the boogeyman.
"It would help it if he would jump on Jesse Jackson's statement that Obama made, that the Zionist policies of the United States would cease if Obama becomes president. In other words, we're going to sell out the only democracy in the Middle East to the terrorists," he contends. "If they would put that on television in Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, and similar places, the suburbs of Pennsylvania, maybe we could pull this out, maybe it would knock enough sense in the heads of Jewish voters at least that they would stop their support for Obama."

Horowitz finds it irrational that so many American Jews are liberal and would support someone like Barack Obama. OneNewsNow
Rational Jews find it irrational Horowtiz would support a McCain-Palin Christian Nationalist administration. The more McCain panders and uses scare tactics, the more he sounds like those crazed fundamentalists who is incapable of clear-minded, objective, rational thought and just wants everyone to believe the sky is falling.


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