Sunday, November 02, 2008

Former County Commissioner lives up to County Name

via RawStory. In a country where states are increasingly asked to enforce dress codes at the polling place (ostensibly to prevent any inappropriate electioneering) a polling place in Craven County North Carolina allowed one of it's former County Commissioners to set up a coffin with a picture of Barack Obama outside one of its early voting stations. The display was set up by Bill Harper who was permitted to do so by law provided he stayed behind the line meant for politcal signs and supporters.
Harper said he displayed the coffin because it "symbolizes his belief that democrats will tax Americans to death if they are elected" and that he first displayed it in 1992 when Bill Clinton ran against George H. W. Bush.
The casket started out with a display that said "O No" & Joe the Plumber taxed to death but anti-Obama stickers were added to the coffin later in the week. Even local Republican Party Spokesman Brent Woodcox was so offended he noted that citizens should be outraged by the display which was eventually removed by the sheriff's department at the end of the week.

Of course well all know the irony of this casket alluding to JTP being taxed to death. If JTP actually and consistently paid his taxes, he would notice he'd receive a tax cut under an Obama plan and may also have access to more affordable (and untaxed) health insurance if he stays in his current occupation. For his part, Joe isn't worried about being taxed as the regular guy he plays himself out to be, he's worried about an extra 3 cents to the dollar being cut from the millions he'll make as a country star Congressman (and if he thinks taxes will hurt his bottom line, wait until he sees the cut his manager, agent and publicist will take).

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