Saturday, November 01, 2008

Those damned Jews are just making this campaign harder

Yiddishkeit beware, like the Christians who will surely go to Hell if they vote for that Obamination instead of that good Christian John McCain and his running mate Saint Sarah, Jews planning to vote for Barack Obama are dancing with the devil as well. So says the McCain campaign which is pandering to get the Jewish vote so badly during the final days leading up to the election that it is falling all over itself to make an Obama-Biden Administration seem to toll the death-knell for Israel and Judaism.

McCain's surrogates, of course, have taken this ball and run with it. First we had SamJoe the unlicensed Plumber and Foreign Affairs expert blathering about it at as an official surrogate at a McCain rally and now we have Cincinnati radio show host Bill Cunningham's "Interview with a Jew"

Seriously, it must really tick the religious right off to the umpteenth degree that they need to convince unrepentant heathens to vote for the Christian Nationalist candidate. Instead they're having to stoop to pandering to lowly Jews when they really should be able to win this election by merely pointing out that Obama's not "Christian" & only goes to church for political purposes. . . and if you don't believe that, just get a load of this:
The couple, writes Newsweek, attended "fairly often—two or three times a month." That changed, becoming less frequent, with the birth of their first child. Normally, the arrival of children is the blessed event that drags young couples to church—the Bushes, the Clintons. For the Obamas, however, the hassle of getting the baby out of the house for a packed service was an obstacle. "So," explained Barack, "that would cut back our involvement."

The Obama girls have never attended Sunday school—a definite contrast with most White House children. Even wayward president's kids like Ron Reagan, a proud atheist, was taken to church every Sunday. Obama explains of his daughters' religious education: "I'm a big believer in a faith that is not imposed but taps into what's already there, their curiosity of spirit." WrongNewsNow
Fortunately, like that empty wig Liddy Dole, the McCain campaign is blowing a defective dog-whistle, one whose sound we can all hear above the din of the bleating by those drunk from the kool-aid. This is one of the many reasons why so many prominent Republicans have gone public with their support for Barack Obama and yet another reason to fear a McCain-Palin administration as a steroid enhanced BushCo with a vengeance.


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