Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain: confusion in an econobuy quantity

Gingrich has suggested that McCain now come out against the bail-out so that angry voters think he sides with them
"If Senator McCain is not prepared to separate himself from the Bush-Paulson economic program, he has no opportunity to win," Gingrich writes. "The country is deeply fed up with the Bush presidency and angry about the Paulson bailout. If McCain is confused or uncertain about how bad this economic performance is, he will never get the country to listen to him."

Gingrich is the latest prominent conservative to criticize McCain for supporting the bill, which Congress passed last week. Speaking on CNN last week, radio host Glenn Beck said the Arizona senator will lose the election over the vote: I think he lost the election — there was a moment here for somebody here to rise up as a leader," Beck said.
Yeah, this makes McCain look really believable and in control of his own faculties when it comes to the economy:
Sure Newt, John McCain's commitment to any position he states regarding the economy is as sincere and believable as your wedding vows.


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