Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jesus was born under the light of a spectacular fireworks display

Wow, no sooner had I mentioned that faux (or, more accurately, Faux News) "war on Christmas" than I got an email from that wild and crazy guy at the American Family Association called Don Wildmon. My gosh, it's not even Halloween yet and instead of telling everyone to hand out their favorite informative literature instead of a ghoulish and less than nutritional "treat" that will send a kid straight to the dentist's chair Hell the AFA has time-traveled all the way to December to complain about the upcoming Patchogue Holiday Boat Parade. Why all the fuss, you say? Well it seems as though, until this year, the event was the biblically correct Patchogue Christmas Boat Parade.

It's not just the AFA up in arms about the change, Philip Butler, VP of the Grucci company, has decided the company will no longer donate fireworks for the event because parade organizers were secularizing and plagiarizing all of the themes of Christmas for their unholy slap in the face to all things Christian. Of course, what do you expect when things like this are permitted to challenge religious observance by those dedicated to living biblically?
"Well, here we go again. Patchogue, NY, has changed the name of their parade from Patchogue Christmas Boat Parade to the Patchogue Holiday Boat Parade. Why? Someone complained. Some people will never stop until Christ is completely removed from our society." Don Wildmon, AFA
Oh my, the things you learn from the AFA's dedication to ensure that celebrations for the second most holy day in the Christian religion stay true to religious doctrine and practice. If you believe all the fuss about the change in the NY town's change to the parade's name, Joseph and a divinely impregnanted Mary must have traveled to Nazareth in a boat and the birth of Jesus was heralded not by the northern star but by the biggest, most spectacular fireworks display ever.

Christians who want to maintain the religious traditions of Christ's Mass and adhere to the biblical themes of his birth should read the bible and take note. If you want to keep Christ in Christmas, go to church, be with family and friends, be good and generous towards the "strangers" among you and, maybe, donate some time, money and/or presents to underprivledged kids. Shopping at the mall, parties and parades are all well and good but they have nothing to do with the religious aspects of Christmas so complaints that these things may no longer be limited to Christmas are ones associated who think the birth of Jesus is one to be exploited for material gain, not a religious holiday. If you love Jesus than you'll honor the birth of the son of Mary the Madonna instead of turning this into something more worthy of a child of Madonna the Marketing Genius.

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Anonymous said...

This is probably the best defense i've heard to the crazy "It's the Christmas not Holiday season" crowd I've ever heard. I will definitely be using the example of what is supposed to be the religious christmas and what is commercialized chrismas.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm from Farmingville originally and I think Wildmon is a crank. In case he hasn't noticed there are more than a few "non-Christians" in Long Island. What a waste of space that man is.