Saturday, October 25, 2008

The most important question in the political attack hoax

The news is blasting through the blogosphere and, while the freepers are scrubbing their references to the Ashley Todd politically motivated attack hoax, TPM has pointed out that the worst part of the hoax was that Peter Feldman, the McCain-Palin campaign communication director for PA, was floating an embellished and extremely incendiary version of the now disproven "attack" to at least two media outlets prior to any investigation

John Verrilli, the news director for KDKA in Pittsburgh, told TPM Election Central that McCain's Pennsylvania campaign communications director gave one of his reporters a detailed version of the attack that included a claim that the alleged attacker said, "You're with the McCain campaign? I'm going to teach you a lesson."
The unprofessional provision of this sort of inflammatory information without any vetting is beyond reprehensible and Feldman (as well as anyone else involved in this matter) should have been fired by the McCain campaign immediately if/when any of the uninvestigated details he announced to the press were proven false. As it is, I don't see any announcement of his being fired or resigning from his position in the campaign and am left with one question: Did Ashley Todd or the police actually tell Mr. Feldman that the non-existent attacker said "You're with the McCain campaign? I'm going to teach you a lesson" or did he make that quote up himself?


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