Sunday, October 19, 2008

McCain and a Joe who's not a plumber (or an independent)

McCain and a Jew who's not a carpenter reached out to Jews in a teleconference with a Brooklyn born rebbe residing in Israel and decided not to discuss Obama's former Pastor, Jeremiah Wright because "the issue is pretty well known by Americans". The reason he's shying away from the Wright (or even Louis Farrakhan) connections is because he and Joe Lieberman know that American Jews aren't the stupid lemmings they want us to be and we're a little concerned about the Republican's lack of respect for the separation of church and state and his running mate's apparent love for Israel (or, more accurately, its role in her religious prophecy) and her own church's teachings on the failings of Jews.
Lieberman said Palin holds some views on social issues that he does not agree with -- but that she is "respectful" of different views. He hailed her "deep love for the state of Israel." WaPo
The problem is, Joe, the McCain-Palin administration plans to ensure legislation is consistent with their views on social issues (and, if you haven't noticed, when they say "Judeo-Christian" they don't really care about the Judeo part or any other ideology that doesn't match their own).

Oh yeah, McCain also praised his running mate as eminently qualified to be POTUS based on her background as Mayor of Wasilla and Governor of Alaska that ought to rally the Jews and keep us warm in the shtetls.


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