Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm not lazy, I have Motivational Deficiency Disorder

Thanks to Ed Silverman at Pharmalot, I've discovered my recent bout of lethargy and what people have been calling sheer, unadulterated laziness isn't my fault. I have a medical condition developed by those crafty marketing types in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Don't worry though, while medical research hasn't found the cure for Motivational Deficiency Disorder, which affects 20% of the population, Big Pharma has found a treatment:

The above is part of Consumers International's Marketing Overdose Campaign. They currently have a campaign ongoing to ban pharma gift giving practices and mandate the creation of a public register of all transactions between drug companies and doctors and medical institutions. This campaign appears to be requesting a higher level of detail than FDAAA. Personally, I'd like to see mandatory disclosure of all research or educational grants awarded broken down by Health Care Provider & Institution (hospitals, academic facilities, research centers and private practices). All companies, regardless of size or sales figures, should be required to make this information public and the information should be 100% transparent so that companies can not hide payments through 3rd party organizations.

Additionally, I think a public registry should be required to include links to the following for any and all grants for investigator sponsored studies:
    • Names of Principal and Sub-investigators
    • Protocol Synopsis/link to study posting on Clinicaltrials.gov
    • Final Study Report/link to study results on Clinicalstudyresults.org
    • Linked list of all resulting publications
    • Information regarding additional financial support made to attend meetings/present study findings (including arrangements made for medical writing support)

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