Monday, February 25, 2008

Alabama & Soviet Style Broadcasting

Stories about the shady partisanship behind the investigation, conviction and jail time of former Alabama Govenor Don Siegelman for 32 counts of bribery haven't gotten too much play in the Main Stream Media until last night, when 60 Minutes ran a story on it. The crux of the story is how Karl Rove inappropriately politicized the Dept of Justice, as evidenced by the testimony of whistleblower Dana Jill Simpson (whose house caught fire and who was run off the road in the period of time leading up to her testimony). Other odd things occurred in the time leading up to the Siegelman's trial as weel, like his house being broken into twice and his lawyer's house being burglarized. The weirdness doesn't stop there as Larisa Alexandrova points out on HuffPo: last night's 60 Minutes broadcast was mysteriously blacked out across parts of Alabama, and the blackout problem was limited to the period of time the Siegelman story was being broadcast. Hmmmm. . . .


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