Thursday, March 31, 2005

Los patriotas verdaderos prometen en inglés

Really. At least according Noelle Tepper of Maryland. When Tepper's daughter, a student at Windsor Knolls Middle School, came home complaining that the school had started broadcasting the pledge in Spanish, she had to take action to stop the defiling of that "sacred oath". Don't get her wrong, she's not some ignorant wingnut or anything. As a matter of fact, she's all for diversity, but she was so offended to hear it (or, more accurately, learn her daughter had heard it) in a language other than English that she felt compelled to call the school Principal. She also fired off emails to the Board of Education, the district's interim superintendent and the VP of the Board of County Commissioners to complain that translation of the pledge to a language other than English is "offensive and disrespectful to our country." She's not the only parent in the district who complained and the practice was halted.

Shortly thereafter, the fine folks at Old Mill High School made the drastic mistake of celebrating National Foreign Languages Week by. . .you guessed it - reciting the pledge in *gasp* a foreign language! A student sat it out in protest and madness ensued.

Why is it that when students sit out the pledge when recited in the official, and only acceptable language of this country (eso es Americano, para usted extranjeros ignorantes), the protest is ignored? Oh yeah, that's because anyone who won't recite the pledge as originally re-written in 1954 is unpatriotic.

¡Wingnuts une!

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