Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Juden: Geißel der Menschheit (the "truth" revealed)

Apparently, Jews really are the scourge of the earth (title translation courtesy of SDL international).

As a Jew I had always thought otherwise, but I have recently been corrected by those who know much more about Jews than I. How do I know these people are right and know all about Jews? Well, they've provided me with the facts about Jews. Facts provided by upstanding citizens other those who are members of the fine organizations referenced in last night's post.

For example, this nice, liberal told me to look at the names of people in the DOD, finance/banking and Hollywood (just my luck, I'm not related to any of them), they sound pretty darned tootin' Jewish, don't they? This shows Jews have a disproportionate amount of control that they abuse for purposes so dubious, they're downright Jewbious! My clever assertion that not all people with traditionally Jewish names are Jews, some "Jewish" names may just be Germanic ones was met with a response of some really are Jews (and those speak for all of us), and my logical explanation for the proliferation of Jews in banking was pathetic.

I grew up in Philly and the surrounding suburbs, I'd say a good 90% of my friends growing up were Catholic to the point that when I was really little I thought everyone was Catholic except my family and a few other people at synagogue (we won't go into what I thought the word Protestant meant). When I lived in the city, my friends all went to Catholic school (there were 2 types of people: Catholic and Public); when we moved to the 'burbs most of my friends had to go to CCD because they mixed with the Publics and needed more than Mass to ensure they'd go to Heaven (that's what I was told and I had no reason not to believe them). I've found the Archdioscese of Philadelphia (and the surrounding areas) to be a couple of steps to the right of the Pope. In Junior High my best friends were told by their CCD teacher that I would go to Hell because the Jews killed Jesus - this was in the late 70's, after Vatican II. Needless to say, I had to go to CCD to calm them down (that cool, short-lived, Pope was coming to the US - I got a silver medallion to commemorate it). I've since met Catholics from all over who were shocked and appalled to find out that Catholic children in the Philly area (at least some of them) were still being taught that Jews are Christ-killers at late as 1978. Apparently the Pope is fallible as he made a grave mistake not continuing to teach the truth about how Jews, who "who used the Law of Moses like a battering ram to get their own way" to railroad Jesus, to "keep themselves in sub-authority just beneath the occupying Romans." Not only did those damned Jews orchestrate the whole murder of G-d's only son, their obstinate descendants still refuse to repent and accept him as saviour and, yet, that's not the worst thing about them!

The worst thing about Jews is the fact that they are as bad, if not worse, than Nazis. Nazis, if they actually did what they're accused of, only tried to rid the world of those who offend G-d: Jews (who we've established are vermin) and homosexuals. Jews, on the other hand, not only condones the wholesale murder of innocent unborn babies their religion actively encourages women to abort on a whim.

I guess if I spent more time in Shul, I would have known the truth all along. . . just like all those fine people who've set me straight.


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