Friday, March 25, 2005

Isn't this a job for the Horowitz helpline?

It's Spring in Belgium. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Philly (I actually had to wear my coat coming home from the airport). So now I'm home to the land of healthcare hypocrisy (you know what I mean) lead by those who will co-opt anything to suit their agenda, but I digress. . .

Since I'm home with the day off (yippee!) I started it off perusing the news & blogs (because I am a geek). Yesterday, Brandon posted about Zach Kincaid being fired from his job at Oklahoma Baptist University for writing a letter to the editor to his local paper stating his concerns about some local church construction. I keep re-reading the editorial and comparing it to Oklahoma Baptist University's mission statement and I don't see anything in the letter that impugns the Baptist religion or Oklahoma Baptist University. What I read was a letter in which Zach criticized a particular church for it's planned relocation and churches in general who are not catering to their local community or reaching out to those who are unaffiliated and underserved. As it turns out, the particular church he reference happens to be the one to which his boss belongs and Zach was fired for it. Ironically, Zach was the Director of Public Relations at Oklahoma Baptist University and firing him should become one heck of a PR nightmare for them.

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