Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Sermonette: unraveling

The United States has been a country that glorified our difference to other countries by emphasizing our own early struggle for autonomy and individuality as a cornerstone of the country's foundation. We were the country of liberty and justice for all, the country in which the oppressed could escape their oppressors, and the country where individual autonomy allowed our people to believe and live as they saw fit (provided nobody else's civil rights were infringed upon). Our current leadership invaded another country and hawks stories of how, through war, the people of another country have been freed from a tyranical Dictator who forced them to act as though they believed a certain way and live under fear of constant threat for not living in accordance with his whim. Our current leadership decries the Islamic fundamentalists that rule other countries with an iron fist to ensure their citizens must live in accordance with their strict interpretation of Islamic Scripture and the persecution of anyone who does not. Our current leadership rails against the exportation of Islamic fundamentalist beliefs through acts of aggression and calls that those outside the faith act in adherence to it. Our current leadership supports a Christian Fundamentalist tyranny that is eerily similar to the Islamic one they fight world-wide.

There seems to be an abundance of black pots and black kettles ready, willing and eager to cook up non-compliant citizenry and too many of the real majority that are apathetic or to afraid to join in solidarity to support those at risk to be the first to fry. If people do nothing, there will be nobody left to speak up for them and they will have no one to blame but themselves. The
Christian Alliance for Progress is a new group trying to organize moderate, mainstream & progressive Christians to fight the bastardization of their religion into a weapon to be used by the Fundagelical Inquisition who threaten the very fabric of American life, I pray they will have success in their endeavor lest I have to face the pogroms my grandfather thought he left behind.


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