Monday, July 10, 2006

The USA is a Christian country

Not too long ago, I received an email from a woman working with producers of a show on Air America called State of Belief, hosted by C. Welton Gaddy whose grasp of the Christian religion I fully expect to be questioned by all the usual suspects. When I heard the update about the Dobrich family, formerly of Sussex County Delaware I emailed some links to Betty as a suggestion for a story to be covered on the program. In less than 24 hours, I had a reply telling me that they were not only aware of the situation, they'd already planned to cover it on the July 9 show. The show did a good job covering not only the disgusting actions of STOP the ACLU and the reprehensible (and exceptionally unpatriotic and unChristian) response by the residents of Sussex County and the Indian River School Board, they also covered a number of other issues including the story of the picture to the left. You can listen to the broadcast here.

So what do you think the right answer is the Gaddy's question: once all the non-Christians have been removed from this country, what form of Christianity will be the one under which the United States is ruled?

My guess is that Daddy Dobson, uber-shicksa Ann Coulter (who's level of Christian committment seems limited to wearing a cross and lambasting others for not being Christian) and their followers won't continue to accept everyone baptised in a Christian church as a Christian. I wonder, will Catholics like Bill O'Lielly find themselves demonized followers of a false religion once they're no long of political use or will the Catholic majority have to resort to bringing back the Inquistion to fight the fundagelical threat? How long will it take the next marginalized group to wax poetic for the freedoms they never thought they risked losing?

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