Monday, July 31, 2006

Finally, possible good news for the morning after

After rightfully being attacked for use of political delay tactics and ignoring science (and common sense), the FDA has told Barr they're interested in hearing more about the "behind the counter" back-up plan they suggested after receiving some pushback on the OTC application for Plan B. The announcement of the FDA's sudden decision to consider the option has been called a delay tactic as Andrew von Eschenbach's nomination to permanently lead the agency heads to the Senate. The caveats issued by the agency seem to lend credence to the accusation
the FDA held out the possibility it could keep Plan B prescription-only if Barr’s plan to restrict over-the-counter sales to adult women wasn’t “sufficiently rigorous,” von Eschenbach wrote the company. [MSNBC]
I wonder if von Eschenbach will back up any decision not to support the behind the counter program by imposing the same limitations on cigarettes sold in behind the counter programs.

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