Wednesday, July 05, 2006

but they need 144,000 of us to fulfill their sick little prophecy

There aren't weren't enough Jews in Indian River School District (Delaware) to start an actual pogrom, so I guess the christotheocrats had to make do with chasing the christ-killers out of town when they couldn't indoctrinate or forcibly convert them. Maybe these good, uber-Patriotic Americans can get their non-local supporters to take a page from Ferdie and Bella to further protect this great country and all it's freedoms from those who pose such a great threat to their very souls.
Among numerous specific examples in the complaint was what happened at plaintiff Samantha Dobrich's graduation in 2004 from the district's high school. She was the only Jewish student in her graduating class. The complaint relates that local pastor, Jerry Fike, in his invocation, followed requests for "our heavenly Father's" guidance for the graduates with:

I also pray for one specific student, that You be with her and guide her in the path that You have for her. And we ask all these things in Jesus' name.
[Jews on First]
I'm not really sure who the residents of Sussex County, DE need to thank for that "brave" stand the school district took against those pushy Jews and ACLU types. Jesus, unfortunately, may be in their hearts but he high-tailed it out of town along with those other dirty Jews.

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