Saturday, April 29, 2006

Why it's called the penal system

Usually, when an innocent child is killed in the cross-fire of gang/drug/other criminal warfare, the murderers at least pretend to be sorry they killed someone other than the person they were trying to kill. In Philadephia, however, we have our own new brand of useless sacks of shit who not only don't even feign remorse, the curse the child they murdered, the child's family and one of the murderers even promised to "haunt" the boy's family until his final appeal. You see, Kareem Johnson and Kennell Spady feel their actions of shooting and killing 10-year old Faheem Thomas-Childs outside North Philadelphia's T.M. Peirce Elementary School on Feb. 11, 2004 was perfectly justifiable, as was the injury to another bystander - a crossing guard who was shot in the leg, since they were in the midst of a gun-fight with a rival drug gang in which over 90 bullets were fired. Society needs to understand that when decide to shoot it out, it's everyone else's responsibility to avoid their chosen battle location.

Johnson and Spady were found guilty of first degree murder, a charge for which they each received life sentences. They also received and additional 2 years for shooting the crossing guard. Their defense attorney's argued the extra two years were vengeful because
Johnson, one of seven children, never knew his mother until he ran into her on a street one day. Spady was a product of his environment, which consisted of drugs, guns and violence. [Inky]
This, of course, means they shouldn't be punished so harshly because they're victims of society whose lives matter. . .apparently as much, if not more, than those they hurt. The only thing more disturbing than the words of 22-year old Charles Johnson in response to the victim impact statement, is the lack of respect for life, law and common decency shown by his supporters
"You don't give a f- about my life, and I don't give a f- about his life... F- him," Johnson proclaimed.

The words provoked some supporters. "Love you, Nell! Love you, Reem!" two girls shouted before being ejected. [Inky]
Rehabilitation, when possible, is a great thing but even those who are rehabilitable have to pay an appropriate penalty for their crimes. Johnson & Spady have shown a most exceptional lack of respect for the lives of others, why they're so shocked others aren't particularly concerned that the rest of their lives will be spent in jail is beyond me.


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