Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nearer My G-d to Thee

If you've ever been to DC you know the only thing worse than the traffic is the parking. Over the years, on practice has been overlooked by police but has been drawing the ire of many residents: double-parking in front of churches. With the increase in neighbor complaints, the DC planned to start enforcing the law this year - beginning with warnings starting this week-end and graduating to real tickets starting in July. The idea of finally enforcing laws against double-parking (at least near churches) is getting another look-see due to complaints by church-goers who held a rally to fight what they claim is an infringement on their religious rights. Apparently, car-pooling, using public transit or walking to church from a distance is an abomination to G-d, whereas as double-parking just tickles His fancy. . .


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