Sunday, April 09, 2006

PA Governor's Dog Law Advisory Board: power to the puppies puppy millers

Who better to site on the PA Dog Law Advisory Board and make decisions regarding what is and is not acceptable in all matters of breeding and kenneling dogs than Nathan Myer. After all, if you look at the picture to your left you will see one of Myer's one beautiful dogs bred in his Lancaster puppy mill. I received an email the other day from the friend of a friend who does more than her share of rescue work in addition to a full time job that pays the bills (not just her own bills, either). She sent the picture of the lonely carcass along with the following text:
The dog, probably a Dachshund, was examined by a forensics specialist in California for a court case against Myer. The body was found scattered in Myer's cornfield. There were bones everywhere. Myer operates a breeding facility in Lancaster County. He also sits on the Governor's Dog Law Advisory Board, advising the Governor and Secretary of Agriculture Dennis Wolff, on how dogs should be treated in kennels and breeding facilities in PA. Mr. Myer does not deserve to be on this Board if this is the way he treats his own dogs. This poor dog was just one of hundreds of thousands of dogs, used and then discarded, by Lancaster County's mass breeding operations. A breeding female, she never knew love, or kindness, or any degree of comfort. Just an unmourned death, then tossed in a field. Please send this on to your rescue friends and to as many people as you can. Stress that Myer sits on the state's Dog Law Advisory Board. Stress that Myer should be removed from the DLAB. Please contact Dennis Wolff at and tell him that dogs in Pennsylvania should not be treated like this.
I'm sure the email she sent to protest Myer's being in the position to enable continued "self" regulation was quite potent, but I'm equally sure it will take more than a few nastygrams to make sure something gets done about it. Please contact Dennis Wolff and/or Ed Rendell to make Pennsylvania safe from the advice of animal husbandry "experts" like Nathan Myer.

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