Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Mighty Land That Simply Lost Its Way

Some interesting things have happened since the initial dust-up over the angry words of Rev. Jeremiah Wright were made the center of debate as the democratic primaries enter their home stretch. Barack Obama delivered a speech on race in an effort to distance himself from a man who's revealed himself to be more like Louis Farrakhan than Martin Luther King, Jill started an interesting dialogue about the presumption that white folks' actions are based on race and I saw C.S.A The Movie*.

Now, let me tell you, when I got home last night all I wanted was a humorous diversion and, when I saw there was a mockumentary of what this country would be like if the South had won the war, I selected the feature expecting something closer to Spinal Tap slathered with mayonnaise than the extremely pointed satire I got. To be honest, had I known it was a Spike Lee production I may have put it off, but I'm glad I didn't because, while I was looking for a slightly sophomoric gigglefest, I found the film to be thought-provoking to be sure. Some of what was postulated as a likely result of Southern success looks a lot like what is going on today. That's one heckuva reality check but my guess is that is the exact reason the film was made.

Truth be told, we're not going to get much closer on the racial divide if we continue to look for slight where it is not intended. People of color should not assume that anytime a white person does/says something with which they disagree that the reason for it was based on color/ethnicity any more than white people should assume any of the nasty things they may assume about persons of color. That douchebaggery just makes things worse, and maintains a self-fulfilling prophecy of continued racism.

For the record:
  • I will vote for Hillary Clinton in the PA primary.
    • I am not voting for her because she is female
    • I am not voting for Clinton because Obama meets one-drop criteria or because I'm no fan of his former pastor's asshattery
    • I'm voting for Clinton because actually think she can get more shit done and I fear Obama panders a little too much to the religious right
  • I will vote for Obama in the generals because I don't think Clinton will be the democratic nominee (of course if she is the nominee, I will be voting for her)
  • Regardless of who is the democratic nominee, I sincerely pray these two politicians who claim they want to get this country back on the right track could find a way to work together to do exactly that (yeah, I know it won't happen but a girl can dream)

PS - if anyone can explain NiggerHair cigarettes to me, please do. Of all those stupid, racist sales ploys, this was the weirdest by far

*yes, I know this movie is more than 2 years old but this was the first I came across it


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