Thursday, March 13, 2008

How feminists set women up to be down

The Christotheocrats's pet Jew, Dennis Prager, has given his keepers the big O (the one other than Oprah) by asserting he knows the reason that women suffer depression twice as often as men do. Instead of the old standby misogynistic "women are silly and emotional" chestnut, Prager surmises the root cause of depression in women today is feminism
As I wrote in my book on happiness ("Happiness Is a Serious Problem," HarperCollins), much unhappiness comes from having expectations. When our expectations are not fulfilled -- and most are not -- we can become unhappy and even bitter. And when our expectations are fulfilled, we are no happier because fulfilled expectations undermine gratitude (we are not grateful when we get what assume we will get) and gratitude is indispensable to happiness.

Feminism raised women's expectations beyond what life can deliver to the vast majority of them. It was hard enough for women in the past to realize their far fewer expectations of marrying a good man and making a happy family. But feminism told a generation of women that they can not only expect to have that but, perhaps even more important to feminism, they could also expect to have a fulfilling, financially rewarding, society-honoring career.
In other words women are depressed because they could barely meet very low expectations of making their hubby and brood happy which means they're bound to be depressed after the pretty much destined failure to achieve anything outside of fulfilling their traditional duty. Better yet, those silly women who do achieve their goals aren't grateful enough to appreciate the success they didn't really deserve.

Those damned feminists!

Yes Dennis, keep offering us silly women your advice which advances the notion that a woman is worthless without a husband and children because we all know that women who settled and stay in unhappy, fulfilling marriages do not suffer from depression because they are grateful some man gave them the chance to make him happy.


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