Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Common Sense Prevails in the Midwest

YAY! The 3rd District Court of Appeals ruled to uphold a lower court ruling that permitted the WI state Pharmacy Examining Board to sanction Neil Noesen who, in his capacity as a pharmacist, refused not only to dispense a lawful prescription for birth control pills but also refused to transfer the prescription to a pharmacy that would fill the prescription."
"Noesen abandoned even the steps necessary to perform in a minimally competent manner under any standard of care," the three-judge panel said. The decision upheld a ruling by Barron County Circuit Judge James Babler.


Noesen testified he advised the woman of his objection to the use of contraception and refused to fill the prescription or tell her how or where she could get it refilled.
[Raw Story]
Noesen's attorney, indicated he's not sure whether there will be an appeal but expressed concern that the ruling would prevent pharmacists and other Health Care Providers from imposing their religious views on and, in some cases, interfering with medical care of (or refuse to provide standard medical care to) unwitting patients.


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