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What lead to Gibson's Melodramatic Anti-Jew Smackdown

Since the reports of Mel Gibson's bizarre anti-yid diatribe while being arrested, we've been getting the "Mel's no anti-semite he was just a drunk who didn't mean what he said" song and dance from Gibson and his supporters, but one thing we haven't heard is what lead the ornery actor to his verbal attack against an entire religion. It just seems strange for any non-delusional human being (even a proud self-avowed Jew hater) to launch into a rant against Jews as the cause for all that ails the world in the midst of a routine drunk driving arrest in Malibu. Understanding that successful, multi-millionaire celbrities do have a bit of a G-d complex, I just don't think Gibson qualifies for a diagnosis like paranoid schizophernia that could explain away Gibson's shift from his drunken "how dare you arrest me I am a celebridiety" hissy-fit into asking the arresting officer if he was a Jew and then launching into his now infamous Jews are evil tirade and merely being drunk off his ass doesn't explain it either (unless he now wants to claim his wagon tipping inebriation was caused by Jewish gang members attacking him and forcing copious amounts of alcohol down his throat). An interesting opinion piece by Ray Hanania, in addition to all the reports of Gibson's very close relationship with the Malibu PD, actually helps explain how Gibson's tirade evolve
At first, Gibson started screaming that his life would be ruined. Imagine, a Hollywood actor caught drunk. When Mee would not let him off, and handcuffed him, Gibson launched into a tirade about his clout, his friends, and his power.

For some strange reason, it wasn’t until all of that failed that, according to reports on his comments, that Gibson launched into the anti-Semitism. claims that Mee was forced to rewrite his detailed original 8-page detective novel that he turned in after bringing Gibson to the jail. Sources there said Mee was forced to eliminate all the Jew-hating comments.

My question is how did Gibson know Mee was Jewish? Or, if he didn’t say what he reportedly said because Mee was Jewish, how did he jump from “a ruined life” to “the Jews start all the wars in the world”? [Y Net]
The arresting officer's name is James Mee, mopst definitely not a "Jewish sounding" name at all. I've seen pictures of Mee and he doesn't "look Jewish" and there are no reports that the officer had payess or was wearing a yarmulke, talit or big bright yellow star emblazoned with the word Jude, so what would make Gibson even think to ask if the guy was Jewish and then blame the Jews for all thw wars in the world (you know, like the Crusades which was all about forcing Judaism down everyone's throat)?

Let's be honest, when I heard Gibson actually asked Mee if he was Jewish I damn near peed my pants; needless to say, I was shocked to hear Mee is Jewish.
My guess is that, from his close relationship with the local police department (this is the man who announced that all of his friends were cops and intimated such a cozy relationship with Malibu PD that officers frequently just drop by for a cuppa joe), Gibson probably knew there was at least one Jewish officer on the Malibu PD. I think it's safe to surmise that Mee was not one of Gibson's cop buddies and since Mee was, in Gibson's opinion, being a total A-hole by not being star-struck and then insisting on booking the actor for his DUI, the arresting officer must have been "the Jew". Stars like Gibson don't particularly like it when mere mortals don't respect the fact that the laws of the common man don't apply to the rich and famous. In this case, it was the suspected Jew who insisted on treating Gibson as if he were any other drunk on the road. When the offended offender just so happens to be a star who has publicly stated his religion/religious faith, the same one that lead him to make "The Passion of the Christ" (and lead many Jews to fear the resurgence of passion play induced pogroms) is the same religion that cured him of his spiritual bankruptcy, of which his alcoholism was a symptom, it really is no suprise that Gibson was angry enough to blame the Jews for all the world's problems simply because he thought the person who wouldn't help him hide his descent into sin was one of "those" people.

Gibson is an actor, one who is quite amiable and pleasant when in full control of the facade that is available to the public. When he loses his ability to control himself, he seems much more like his father than is safe for someone whose continued financial growth is dependent on his likability factor. Gibson won't suffer any long term effects from momentarily showing his true face; one has to wonder if the continuous need to maintain his public facade is the real reason he keeps falling of his high horse wagon.

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