Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Monday Night Fight

Tenacious D vs Kid DynAMite

Yep, she was out of the crate playing last night and she's one heckuva scrapper. They were so good on their walk before supper, I let them play with her on lead in the backyard then walked them again. Desite encounters with more dogs than normal, including two who got out of their fences (one whose owner ran out after him and one whose owner was nowhere to be found), the latter of which is a huge retriever type the size of a Newf that felt the need to charge us and go after both dogs and me, things went swimmingly well on day 2. Dyna for her part, showed her bull side when we were all charged (the big dog came after us barking and growling for 1/2 the block) but they both followed my lead. I let them play in the house all night and there was only one incident (despite Dyna's propensity to steal toys) that they recovered from quickly - I did crate her overnight to be on the safe side.

The pic is not from their scrap but from them playing. I'd been told they love to wrastle, but was surprised how vicious it looks in a snapshot. There was no growling, barking or anything of real concern - I will, however, keep an eye on their mutual love of mouthplay.

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