Monday, January 02, 2006

Missing Monday: not the way to start a new year

Count the Miliani family among those who had a less than joyous holiday season. While people were wishing for something on this year's "hot" list, the best present and way to start the new year off right the Miliani's could have received was a sign that 29-year old Rossana Miliani was safe & on her way home. Rossana was last heard from December 7, 2005 while staying at the Ramada Inn in Cherokee, NC courtesy of a local Methodist Pastor named David. She has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder/schizophrenia but has not been taking her medication.

Miliani is 5'8", weighs approximately 225 pounds, has brown eyes & long wavy brown hair. She also has a large tatoo of a lotus flower on her lower back and small shards of glass on her upper arm from a car accident. She is fluent in Spanish & Italian and was working on learning French as well. If you have any information on her disappearance and/or whereabouts, please contact Deputy Sosa at (954) 491-3920 and reference case #LS05-12-00300.

Follow-up to last month's Missing Monday: Unfortunately for the family of missing Forward Township woman Patricia McDonald, she was found dead last Monday in her truck by a local hunter. McDonald's truck apparently veered of the road and crashed in a wooded hillside along route 51.

Campaign for the Missing: Kelly Jolkowski of Project Jason - Voice for the Missing is looking for volunteers to aid in the mission of passing legislation in each state to imporve law enforcement's ability to locate missing persons in a timely fashion.

What is Campaign for the Missing 2006?

Campaign for the Missing 2006 is a grassroots effort to pass legislation in each state that will serve to improve the law enforcement community's ability to locate and ensure a safe return of missing persons. It will address the national problems of missing persons and the identification of human remains and provide the framework for improving law enforcement's response. It will also improve the collection of critical information about missing persons, prioritize high-risk missing persons cases, and ensure prompt dissemination of critical information to other law enforcement agencies and the public that can improve the likelihood of a safe return.

The Department of Justice, working with Federal, State, and local law enforcement; coroners and medical examiners; victim advocates; forensic scientists; key policymakers; and family members who have lived through this tragic experience, developed the model to be presented in each state’s legislature.
As Kelly notes in her own blog, participation represents a significant committment that exceeds a letter writing campaign. She needs someone with the time to dog state senators as necessary to sponsor some new legislation. More information is available at Voice for the Missing.

Links to more Missing Monday posts from Philly area bloggers at Philly Future.


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