Sunday, January 01, 2006

He's know when you've been lying

I just trekked over to Shakes' where I found the following uproariously funny quote from he who is sullying the office of the presidency [emphasis added]
President Bush on Sunday strongly defended his domestic spying program, saying it's a limited program that tracks only incoming calls to the United States. [AP via Yahoo]
If I recall correctly, the Preznit and his merry band of thieves (as well as their fan club) had pitched a fit about the leak of the secret (because it's illegal) NSA domestic spying and how that revelation has damaged national security by publicly informing "the terrorists" how we're spying on them. If this is true, then the shrub's public statement that only incoming calls are being spied upon has given away what sort of information? My guess is that the terrorists, unlike your average American citizen who naively expects our government to follow laws, probably expected BushCo to break our laws and spy on anyone they deem the enemy and accuse of being a threat to the country (i.e., those who didn't vote for them). I'm also guessing that the terrorists, like many jaded Americans, don't exactly believe Bushie when he says the program is what a rational person would consider "limited".

Santa tracks celebraters of Christmas all year round - there are no blackout dates or presidential reprieves. I hope this means Santa will support starting to spread the holiday a little earlier than normal, say at the beginning of November.

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