Saturday, December 24, 2005

Six Degrees of Separation: the bin Laden edition

Georgie's busy playing his favorite game this year. He actually got to secretly beta-test it for 4 years but now we all know and he's damned proud of what an expert he's become. The rules of the game are pretty simple, if the Preznit can connect you to Osama bin Laden in no more than six (6) steps they have enough evidence to "reasonably" connect you to terrorism and can legally be spied upon/"monitored" without a warrant. This game was set up because the laws under FISA require the government to supply evidence to obtain a warrant within 72 hours after starting to spy on Americans domestically.

As we all know, in these dire times American law (vis-a-vis FISA) places an unnecessary delay on the Preznit's ability to start gathering information and prevent terrorism. According to the administration (and its kool aid drinking supporters), since we are at war (approved by a Congress mislead by BushCo supplied faulty intel), the government can start spying on Americans domestically just because they think they have reasonable evidence that the persons by spied on are potentially involved in plots against these United States of Fundamentalist Christian America. In this instance, the word "reasonable" is defined as having six (6) or less degress of separation to a Osama bin Laden. Examples as follows:
  • Monitoring international calls/emails
    • Connection made in 1 degree
      1. Osama bin Laden is not in the US and a US-based terrorist could contact him or his agents by placing an international phone call and/or sending emails read by someone outside the US
Happy Christmas!

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