Wednesday, December 28, 2005

10 Worst Americans of 2005

The Heretik asks,only 10?, though he managed to limit his list to 1 (and it wasn't Paris Hilton). I have to admit I had a hard time limiting my choices to 10, especially since I was really trying to avoid being too partisan. This is what I came up with:

10. Jamie Reynolds who
fabricated stories of a soldier and his young daughter, going so far as convincing a young girl (and her family) she was acting in a movie to maintain an elaborate charade that tugged at the heartstrings of an unsuspecting SIU campus.

9. Tom Cruise for practicing medicine without a license (or training, for that matter). Bonus points for getting Katie Holmes to break her virginity pledge.

8. The DNC and PA Dems for enforcing a facade that Bob Casey, Jr is running in the PA senatorial primary unopposed

7. John Smid and the folks at LIA/R for intellectual dishonesty, among other things

6. [tie] Bill Frist, Tom Coburn and David Hager for egregious lack of clinical judgment/scientific integrity

5. Indiana State Senator Patricia Miller for proposing a law to criminalize "unathorized reproduction" and make marriage a requirement for motherhood

4. John Gibson who actually managed to trump Bill O'Reilly in the faux fox war on Christmas by commiserating with radio host Janet Parshall about how those who follow the "wrong religion" are misbehaving by not supporting forced celebration of Christmas in all public places and then lambasting Keith Olbermann for accurately calling him on it.

3. Texas cabbie Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh for doing something really shitty

2. Michael Brown for doing a "heckuva job" not coordinating FEMA's response to Hurricane Katrina (bdrownie points for managing to get rehired as a consultant)

1. BushCo (this needs no explanation)


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