Monday, July 07, 2008

South Carolina's limited beliefs

So, South Carolina is still moving ahead with their government supported (initial fee paid for by the Lt Gov, no less) Christian license plates. I'm sure you've all heard about this little state sponsored jem and how the poor, disenfranchised Christians must have these plates available since there is no other way to use their motor vehicle to testify to what good Christians they are. Any one protesting their plate is prejudiced against Christians to the point they are trying to impede spreading the "good news" and message of Christianity. According to SC Lt Gov Andre Bauer this is a free speech issue and it is absolutely necessary that the plate be supported because the overtly Christian plate "allows people of faith to profess that they believe in a higher calling, they believe in God". In addition to Brauer's willingness to front the initial fee (only for the Christian plate, of course) there are a few other little tidbits that haven't been broadly discussed in most coverage of the story is those related to the state's restrictions on any specialty plate that would compete with the Christian one courtesy of CNN:
While individuals can ask the DMV to print plates for other faiths -- for a $4,000 fee -- the request would be subject to significant limits and rules not imposed for the Christian plate. Other tags could feature a religious symbol -- such as the Star of David -- but no words would be allowed.
It's such a shame that nobody has invented anything else that could be used to make a statement using a car. . .


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