Tuesday, November 15, 2005

PA senatorial race: what would Jesus do?

As noted by Kos, Rick "please don't associate me with the Preznit" Santorum has challenged presumed Democratic opponent, Bob "I got my cred the old fashioned way - I inherited it" Casey, Jr to a debate. We all know that the election is a little less than a year away and that, despite the insistence Chuck Schumer and the Republocrat party that all Democrats pretend Casey is running unopposed in the primary, there is a Democrat challenging Casey who is worthy of consideration. Chuck Pennacchio has repeatedly challenged Casey to a debate to no avail, so it's unlikely that Casey's camp will agree to a debate this far in advance, especially since Santorum has a penchant for parading his ignorance and (more recently) and flip-flopping on issues - especially when he is directly affected by the outcome.

Since Santorum has challenged Casey to a debate well in advance of the primary, it's telling that Chuck Pennacchio was not invited as well. Conventional wisdom would dictate that including Pennacchio in a debate would increase his visibility and threaten Casey's presumed landslide victory. The only reason for Santorum to exclude Pennachio would be that he fears that the potential increase in Pennachio's name recognition and the likely outcome of a stellar defeat would make the latter candidate a bigger threat if he were to win the primary. Pennacchio should publicly insist that he be included in a Santorum v Casey debate and that, if/when Casey declines (including a non-response to the challenge), the plan for debate continue between himself and Santorum regardless of Casey's [lack of] participation.

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